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Made in small batches with no added pectin. Some are thick-cut and some are what we like to call zested jellies. Our fruits are from certified organic farms or sustainably grown in our own garden.
Lime Marmalade (8 oz.)
Organic limes and sugar become the most wonderful tart marmalade. We zested the rind. We like the delicate flavor that the little shreds add.

Price: $8.75
Meyer Lemon Marmalade (8 oz.)
We love Meyer lemons. We really love Meyer Lemon Marmalade! It's so versatile straight out of the jar or use as an ingredient to add some zing to your vinaigrette or sauce.

Price: $8.75
Rangpur Lime Marmalade (8 oz.)
Rangpur lime is not a true lime but is actually a bitter orange. Whatever it is it makes a wonderful marmalade that is bitter and sweet at the same time with loads of peel in every jar. We love this sweet and bitter marmalade. It has the tang of Lime Marmalade and the depth of Seville Orange Marmalade as well as a flavor that can't be described. If you are a marmalade lover you must try this!

Price: $8.75


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