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Made in small batches with no added pectin. Our fruits are from certified organic farms or sustainably grown in our own garden.
Quince Jelly (8 oz.)
This is our favorite! We know one is not supposed to have a favorite child but this is it. The wild flower flavor, the jewel-like color, the aroma of the fruit. My oh my. We serve this jelly in every fashion; with Manchego cheese, on a buttery brioche or a slab of crusty bread, in yogurt and sometimes we will baste a roast chicken (at the very end so as not to burn). We love this jelly.

Price: $9.00
Rose Petal Jam (8 oz.)
Petals from the most fragrant roses in our garden are combined with sugar and lemon and a natural citrus pectin . It's so delicate that it can be eaten with either croissants and butter or brioche. In the summertime we add rose petal jam to plain yogurt for the most wonderful dressing on our fruit salad. Once, on vacation in Greece, we ate rose petal jam with feta cheese, green olives and crusty white bread - with retsina of course.

Price: $9.00
Spicy Red Pepper Jelly (8 oz.)
Red, Hot & Spicy! What to do with an overabundance of autumn red jalapenos. Make jelly! We added red bell peppers (to smooth out the heat) & apple cider vinegar and have finally come up with what we think is the best pepper jelly going. Add it to your foodie Holiday basket and you have a HOT holiday gift for anyone on your list.

Price: $8.75
Wild Apple Sage Jelly (8 oz.)
These fabulously tart teeny apples grow on a tree outside my kitchen window. A bird must have dropped a seed years ago and, because I like to let everything grow, we have an unidentified apple tree. This year there were so many that I got to make jelly and leave some on the tree for the birds. I added a hint of sage. I was thinking about how it would taste with a cheddar cheese muffin or a slow roasted pork roast. Maybe you can think of something else? Glazing a chicken?

Price: $9.00


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