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All of our jams and preserves are made with very little sugar and no added pectin. Our fruits are from certified organic farms or sustainably grown in our own garden.
Almond Butter (8 oz.)
Our roasted almond butter is made entirely from roasted almonds. Nothing added. We use our #1 best sweetest almonds to make our butter and that's why it tastes better than any other! That's what we think and I think we're right.

Price: $8.75
Apricot Jam (8 oz.)
Thick, chunky, not too sweet, rich red blushed apricot preserves! Apricot season in Northern California can be only a few weeks long. Early each morning we pick bushels of ripe beautiful fruit in our neighbors orchard and head back to the farm to cook & can each afternoon - every afternoon until we think we have enough jars to last til next season. It's a guess. So as they say "Vote early & often"; we say Order early and often!

Price: $8.75
Bing Cherry Confiture (8 oz.)
We call it confiture because we have tried to keep the cherries almost whole in a thick, thick syrup - not exactly jam but it does what we love on a piece of toast, full saturation. It also works very well in oatmeal and yogurt. Our organic Bing cherries are plump, dark and sweet.

Price: $8.75
Blackberry Meyer Lemon Jam (8 oz.)
The sweetest wild blackberries with a little meyer lemon zest and juice to add a little zing. We know that this jam will transport you to berry heaven, it does for us.

Price: $8.75
Blueberry Jam (8 oz.)
These sweet, little & so berry flavored organic blueberries are in season for only a few weeks each year. As with the apricots we are canning and jarring as many as we are able in a short amount of time.

Price: $8.75
Boysenberry Preserves (8 oz.)
Thick, oh so thick organic boysenberry berry thickness. How many times can we say thick with sweet, sweet berries. Fresh off the vine, practically minutes into the pot. Our personal fav berry jam.

Price: $8.75
Cherry Rhubarb Conserve (8 oz.)
Traditionally a conserve has nuts added; so, in went the most delicious new crop walnuts from our neighbor! The almost whole cherries combined with tart garden rhubarb and walnuts are a fabulous addition to oatmeal, yogurt and dripping off a piece of crusty toast. Treat yourself or someone else to something different.

Price: $8.75
Plum Lavender Jam (8 oz.)
Organic Santa Rosa plums with just a hint of lavender from our garden. We always try to make enough to last all year but never seem to reach that goal - that's one of the reasons why we are always so happy when our lavender starts to bloom, we know the plums are soon to arrive and that this jam is soon to be on our plate. Try some on toast or top a breast of chicken or duck with a spoonful. And yes, it's great with cheese, divine on ice cream and perfect in yogurt!

Price: $8.75
Raspberry Meyer Lemon Jam (8 oz.)
We have to admit that this is possibly our favorite jam, we have to confess that we are berry lovers. We can't say that it is our all time fav because we also love all the others. But.. this ruby red, berry sweet, low sugar, hint of Meyer lemon is where it's at.

Price: $8.75
Rhubarb Meyer Lemon Jam (8 oz.)
We grow the rhubarb ourselves - it's our harbinger of spring. We make our jam in very small batches in order to preserve (excuse the pun) its special flavor. Our Meyer lemons add enough juice and zest we should probably call it a marmalade.

Price: $8.75
Rose Petal Jam (8 oz.)
Petals from the most fragrant roses in our garden are combined with sugar and lemon and a natural citrus pectin . It's so delicate that it can be eaten with either croissants and butter or brioche. In the summertime we add rose petal jam to plain yogurt for the most wonderful dressing on our fruit salad. Once, on vacation in Greece, we ate rose petal jam with feta cheese, green olives and crusty white bread - with retsina of course.

Price: $9.00
Strawberry Meyer Lemon Jam (8 oz.)
Organic Meyer lemons from our citrus grove, their zest and juice bring out the sweet, sweetness of the little organic strawberries. Try this for a perfect PBJ sandwich (use our almond butter and make it an ABJ!) or in yogurt. For something different, add a spoonful to your morning oatmeal.

Price: $8.75

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