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Our fruits are from either certified organic farms or are sustainably grown in our own garden.
Cherry Chutney (8 oz.)
It's pretty obvious that we love cherries, we should; we are organic cherry growers. This year I decided that a cherry chutney was just what I would be needing once autumn and winter settled in. Thick with whole Bing cherries and Stockton Red onions and spicy with mustard seeds and chili de arbol. A must with a turkey sandwich or as a side to a pork roast. I always serve it with a roast goose.

Price: $8.75
Plum Lavender Chutney (8 oz.)
Our chutney is delicious on lamb or pork, a divine accompaniment to a goat cheese and will even hold up to a Stilton. We have also been known to add it to a roast chicken sandwich. We make it with fresh ginger, mustard seeds, red wine vinegar, raw sugar, lemon zest and lavender from our garden.

Price: $8.75


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